Transferring services from another Service Provider


  1. What do I need to do to transfer my existing internet service?
    • Please follow this link to register your interest: REGISTER
  2. Can you use the hardware that my previous service provider installed?
    • It is unlikely that we can re-use the equipment from a different service provider but we will try to use whatever we can to save you money on the new installation
    • Eden Telecom uses state of the art technology in order to offer the fastest and most reliable internet service available
    • We also offer an end to end remotely managed Internet Service including managed WiFi inside of your home/building. This includes:
      • Remote Software updates for your hardware
      • Remote troubleshooting and WiFi optimization
      • Remote WiFi password changes and configuration changes
  3. What are the costs involved?
    • Our standard installation cost differs from area to area because different hardware is required for specific applications.  Please register above and we will do a FREE site inspection and quotation
  4. Do you offer any kind of guarantee on your installation and service?
    • Yes, the workmanship is guaranteed for one full calendar year
    • The hardware we install carries a one year manufacturers warranty
    • Since inception in 2003, Eden Telecom has always offered a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days of installation if our service does not perform as promised
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